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Workista is an AI Assistant that automates and personalizes your search through thousands of online freelance jobs in one place.

How it works

Still Using a Search Bar?
That's the old way

Instead, use Workista to automate finding freelance jobs in just few simple steps. Input your preferences, schedule when you want it to search, and that's it. Workista will notify you know when something interesting comes up.

1. Input Your Past Project
Workista uses your past projects to find meaningful and relevant search results that are tailored just for you.
2. Set up Search Filters
Input your preferences by setting up your search filters. The assistant will use your filters for job matches.
3. Schedule your job search
Set up recurring schedules by providing a date and time and allow the assistant to search even when you are offline.
4. Get Notified by Email
Once the assistant runs and finds jobs, it will notify you automatically via email and push results to your feed.
Centralized Search

Your Favorite Job
Boards In One Place

Workista searches through the largest freelancing job boards including Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and even SubReddits to find your job matches each and every day all in one place.


Jobs Searched Everyday


Job boards Supported


Updates from Job Boards
Job Filtering

Powerful, Customizable
And Easy-to-use Filtering Tools

Job filtering is not easy. So, we built one of the most powerful job filtering tools on the market. Make your own decision trees and complex logic formulas using a simple drag-and-drop editor to find jobs that perfectly fit your needs.

Drag-and-drop is a new way to search visually. You have access to state-of-the-art AI tools and you can make complex boolean decision trees easily.
We also offer easy-to-use standard filtering tools for quickly building your filtering logic.

Real-Time Notifications
In Your Email Inbox

You can schedule a day and time your assistant should search and get notified instantly via email when the assistant runs and finds jobs that fit your preferences.

You can schedule day and time the assistant will run and search for jobs. You can also set up email notification preferences.
Job Feed

Results Tailored
Just For You

Once the virtual assistant runs, the results will be collected under "My Feed". See jobs from different job boards all in one place, along with your match score.

All search results are collected in "My Feed."
Workista extracts important keywords from the job post, as well as relevant past projects to help you write better job proposals.
Supported Job Fields

Supported Freelance
Fields and Niches

Because we want to provide you with the best experience possible, we currently only support tech and software development related fields. If you want to know if your field is supported, please contact us at [email protected].

Web Development

Desktop Software Development

Mobile App Development

Game Development

Bots and Automation

Ecommerce Development

CMS Development

Wordpress Development

ERP/CRM Development

QA and Testing

Systems Development

IoT Development

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Audio Recognition

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Data Science & Analysis

Database Management

Email Development


Software Designing

Mockups and Prototyping

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Contact us at [email protected] to get your question answered.

How do you get jobs from different job boards?

We use public RSS feeds and further process them internally to provide the most optimal job searching experience. We never scrape or obtain job posts that violate terms of uses - this protects us and also the users.
We are planning on expanding to other fields, such as consulting, marketing, writing, and much more. Although we currently only support tech related fields, we will be expanding to other fields soon.
We are expected to release our software early March. Sign up for early access to join the waitlist queue.
Workista works as a freemium model - it's forever free. We will also be rolling out a premium subscription plan once the app launches. Pricing is currently undetermined.

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